Perfect strangers

It is about the trip I made to Mustang last year which was quite soothing for a person like me who easily gets impatient and falls in and out of love back and forth with people in my life. It was never planned, I just realized I was out of Kathmandu valley free from those bonds , responsibilities and those tedious habits.I was not myself back then.I was missing a lot more things with absence of friends, laughter, outings and I just needed a break. I am always scared of knowing people in the sense that after two or more conversations, they start to throw tantrums of bad vibes and wrong energy..May be it was always supposed to be that way because there was never a time it did not happen with a single other person , that’s when I realized I was bound to know people for only little time, for only some moments..

Life would be much more blissful when I don’t even have to have two or more conversations with the same person. Starting with the first conversation, sending each other good energy, not having to know each other and judge vaguely and waving good byes with beautiful memories and warm wishes would rather be a good exposure of people for me.These kinds of feelings had taken over my mind while I was physically on the ride with my father jumping harshly up and down on those rocky roads taking chances to our blessed life.Up on the way to Mustang, we met several strangers with whom we talked, we shared, we received , we experienced. But not that I felt a bond with a single person out there , nonetheless life was just too easy ,smooth and beautiful for those 4 days.


We were returning down from the Jomsom , I thought this was all for the trip. And then My father and uncle took chances and tried to cross the river with those two wheel rides. Unexpectedly, I just fell from the bike and the boot I was wearing was all wet. After we tackled the problem and headed out again on the roads. We just stopped around Letey and sadly did not find any suitable place to eat and rest. Then We just saw a cozy house painted white on those non plastered bricks.We asked if there was food i.e typical Nepali “Dal Bhaat set”. With a reply of yes,  I just entered the place and a small sized happiness just rolled in front of the entrance door and with those tiny little hands joined to make a “NAMASTE”.

perfect stranger
Remembrance of Mustang Trip

Such a pure innocence, beauty with those dirty clothes on and running nose.Those small freckles which were barely seen with her cheeks red and chapped.Those rites she had received from her parents to welcome guests with a smile so big her adorable teeth were seen and a “NAMASTE” without telling any words just was too perfect to let her be my perfect stranger. That moment of happiness and the inner voice shouting “Aw, such a sweetheart” was so unexpected when you were all wet with water down the knees.

The place we stopped by was totally decorated with all those beautiful Thakali dishes, thalis, karuwas, table ware which holds the beauty of one of the caste of Nepal, Thakali. I spent my whole time with the little one who danced, showed her mischievous acts ,played with my spectacles while were there. Even we were leaving , she just flew a kiss towards and gave us greetings of Namaste and bye as her parents told her to do..We finally drifted off that place. She is a stranger for me for I do not even remember her name, I may not recognize her cozy beautiful place,She could not speak more than two or three words when I met her yet she was a beautiful feeling to me. For me, it was a happy stomach and happy day  where I met such an innocence,purity, playful acts, a lost feeling and a perfect stranger…


Jhamak Ghimire: No girl has ever been this brave.

How do you define brave?

Is it coming forward to beat a group of people or facing the crowd or fighting someone!

For me, people are brave enough even when they overcome their fear, their insecurities, their imperfections and accepting who they are and regardless those number of things which make them imperfect, trying  to better themselves everyday.

We live in societies where we are crticized first and appreciated later. Jhamak was born with cerebral palsy and could not speak , write or sit properly. She had great deficiencies compared to other normal child. She was not normal, she stood out to be far better than normal people.

Today, She is a great established writer and a columnist for the Nepali newspaper, Kantipur


All of us have certain problems in our lives. Most of us choose to get depressed and focus on the criticism people made and give up on things.

But did she had a choice to choose happiness over her deficiency even if she wanted to? Could she ignore others criticism when those flaws were entitled to her for lifetime! Did she had a life like everyone else? No. She is the bravest person I have ever known. Learning to write with foot and reflecting your life, sorrows and everything into  a book must be a real time hero. Her creations are beautiful so is her courage and herself. Not everyone can expose themselves to others in a book. I count her  as a great blessing to Nepal and to have known such personality is inspiring. Her autobiography, “Jeevan Kaada ki Phool” (“Is Life a Thorn or a Flower?”) won her the Madan Puraskar in 2010, the most prestigious literary award in Nepal. and she has  own several awards for her work.

She is love. She is definition of courage, life and encouragement.



Mira Rai: Runs to inspire

A person who has lived through crisis and distress can only understand what most of us need. All of us require love, inspiration and support to rise on our own. Miss Rai lived in one of the rural area of Nepal with no privilege of  electricity or water. She lived with deficiency of facilities and still managed to live rightly. She joined Maoist rebels during Nepal’s civil war and learned to fight. Following the right tracks , she is now a female athlete who represents Nepal every time she runs on marathon.In her first year as a professional athlete, she has won 10 races, including the internationally competitive Asia Sky running 50K Championship in Hong Kong and the international ultra-marathon in France.

Growing up in such environment and circumstances, most girls tend to fear dreaming and living the dream where Rai traced her dreams properly and chooses to inspire girl and women to  live their dream.mira

Arpana Rayamajhi :Your roots influence the branches

The founder of jewelry brand formerly known as ArpanaJewels, Arpana Rayamajhi was born and raised in Nepal. She is known as the jewellery designer out there in New York city. Arpana brings her Nepali heritage and craftsmanship to each of her pieces. Each piece is handmade and one of a kind. Her work reflects her background, nepalese heritage and culture. Though she is away from home, Nepal is still her roots and she beautifully fuses Nepalese tradition with the urban style. She takes the inspiration from tribal/ethnic cultures and blends them with urban, rock and roll styles. In addition to her artwork and jewelry practices, she is also the co-­founder of DISPOSE, an online magazine collection of disposable photographs that narrate the day of an individual.

Now who wouldn’t love such individual and get inspired?

Anjali Tamang :Different is still beautiful

Sometimes, most beautiful things are different than others. They are created with unique features yet equally precious and beautiful features. Anjali Tamang stands today as a supermodel who is the first publicly declared transgender of Nepal. She was born different than most of us and was raised hearing criticisms, teasing and depreciation. She is not accepted as a daughter by her own family who was born as a son. Numbers of mockery, laughs, unappreciative responses yet she lives for herself and has proven herself to be an example to all the Nepalese. Besides all those feelings, reality about surprisingly being different than most people, she chooses to be a human being who is pure, adorable, and confident enough to live her dreams. And she is growing further and further with limitless steps which is something exemplary  for all of us.


Bimal Gharti: One of the inspiring youth

When this boy scored a goal against Pakistan, most watchers literally cried. When everything seemed over, out of blue this boy became the savior of the nation. After that goal, his life has changed. He has given trial for lots of European Clubs.
Although he couldn’t make it, he showed thousands of aspiring footballers from Nepal that with hardwork & talent you can make your way upto Europe.  He is considered the brightest prospects in Nepalese Football.  And He is only 17 years old.




Kutumba means unique bond amongst the community members.This group of musicians use mainly Nepalese instruments such as  Bamboo Flute, Sarangi, Madal, Sarangi, Tungna, Dhol and Jhyamta. They are one of the aspiring people in our country who are giving inspirations to youth and letting the youths know that our original identity are to be preserved and are as beautiful and pure as other culture youths tend to follow.

They are unique and pure.Standing on their concert makes anyone’s heart pound faster and surely noone can resist to dance.

Kutumba is a folk instrumental ensemble, group of six professionals from Kathmandu. Having come together for the preservation of their culture and art, Kutumba wishes to spread love and joy of Nepali folk music throughout the world. Self-motivated and self driven, Kutumba is a group with their own unique sound and vision.The seven members have different roots and backgrounds in music. Kutumba is the harmony of traditional roots, culture and new sounds.

Amrit Gurung, a rythm to the voice

Amrit Gurung, most reputed musician is my favourite singer of Nepal. He might be the person wih no haters. He is a rythm to the voice.He gives the local nepali vibes to people  all around the world through his beautiful music.  He is inspiring with or without his music. He is a free spirit and beautiful person even when he does not sing. He has travelled 70 districts out of 75 districts of Nepal. He travels from east to west and north to south and creates his music which reflects the religion, culture and identity of Nepalese people. His songs have that local,  Nepalese lifestyle kinda vibes and I think that’s  what keeps our identity preserved and moreover, he takes world tour singing Nepalese songs. That’s too beautiful and inspiring.